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We Need More Christian Entrepreneurs

As Christians, we know we should do something

about poverty in our communities.

The reality is we are unable to help our fellow brothers and sisters unless we ourselves have the resources to do so.

But Many Christians have a hard time understanding how business and their Walk in Faith can share the same space.

There are many business tools and consultancies out there, but most are designed for businesses who can afford a $20K - $100K price tag.

And even more focused on success by all means necessary. With no regard for what’s right and in alignment with your beliefs and goals as a person an entrepreneur and a Christian

We need people who will live and serve and do business IN ALIGNMENT WITH THEIR CALLING AND CHRISTIAN BELIEFS

Entrepreneurs that are committed to solid ethics, honesty, truth, generosity, and charity

These types of businesses are needed to stand out in an age of greed and corruption


We need to promote Success in those who will serve others in the way Jesus taught.

We need to teach wealth building to those who will use that wealth to support local and far reaching missions and support growth of likeminded believers. We need CHRISTIANS to be creative thought leaders in the PROFESSIONAL marketplace.

We shouldn’t just sit around and wait for the world to invent everything.

Christians should feel the freedom to be innovative. Innovators change the direction of society. When you think about the most influential people in history, so many of them were innovators.

Christians need to be key and active in shaping the culture around us. We shouldn’t be afraid of science, psychology and other various disciplines but instead, we should be fully engaged within those disciplines.

It is only through the understanding that all of these are just a small view of an ever growing understanding of what God has created.

Our ability to create is the most profound way that we were created in HIS image. Being creative thought leaders in our marketplaces. This is the best way to influence and better the communities we serve.


We need to get over our limiting beliefs. We need to understand that our message matters; our influence on the world matters.

We need to cut through the stigma surrounding success and wealth. We need to move beyond the stigma surrounding entrepreneurship. This is not about getting rich quickly or having tons of money so we can go on a permanent vacation and never work again.

Where’s the influence in that?

Our #1 Job as Christians is to Influence the world around us. Starting right in our local communities.

Think about our potential.

Imagine what society could look like if Christians felt empowered to apply their faith in every facet of life including business. To take our Christianity out of the church and out of our living rooms, to carry it with us into the board rooms and Sales meetings.

What would it look like for Christianity to influence the business and financial world around us?

By creating Successful Christian entrepreneurs, we can change the world



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It is my ministry to make all the tools available to the those outside the Church available to those inside the Church. To cultivate a culture of success and prosperity within the community of believers. Knowledge is power, but only when you have the wisdom to put it to work.

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