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There are a variety of Loans for business owners. Our business funding programs feature competitive rates and terms and we also offer bad credit business loans.

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Small Business Loans

Flexible financing. 6 month—10 year terms.

Business Line of Credit

Cash on-hand, whenever you need it.

Equipment Financing

Get equipment for any industry.

Hybridge® SBA Loan

New Expedited SBA Program For Immediate Funding.

Performance Advance™

New Performance-Based Financing Soluton. 2X the Funding Amount.

eQuickment Financing

New Equipment Financing Product. Funding in 48 Hours.


Mortgage Financing

Easily purchase, expand, or remortgage.

Startup Business Funding

Startup loans for new businesses.

Franchise Financing

Purchase a new or additional location.


Why get a small business loan?


Why get a small business loan?

Here are several common uses for small business loans:

Moving Expenses

You might be upgrading your space. Perhaps

you are downsizing. Whatever the reason,

moving happens and businesses rarely reserve

enough for the costs associated with relocating.

It’s more than putting your belongings on

a truck and putting them somewhere else.

Moving your small business often involves

security deposits, new wiring, furniture

purchases, and a host of other considerations.

Because many small business lenders require

proof of location, you might be asked to supply

a recommendation from your former landlord

and a signed lease and proof of deposit for the

new space before you can set up shop.

Pay Down Credit Card Debt

Replace debt with debt? Believe it or not,

some of the marketplace lending rates are

competitive or even below standard credit card

rates. Although the Credit Card Accountability

Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act

stopped credit card companies from forcing

usurious and unreasonable rates on consumers,

credit card rates remain high. Even if a business

owner obtains a term loan at a rate similar to

or higher than his or her business credit card,

some owners might still want to dispense with

this obligation. There are two good reasons

for this: It creates financial discipline that credit

rating agencies like to see. It gets you away

from paying the minimum and forces you to

pay down the balance to free up your cash flow


Competitor / New Product Acquisitions

Acquiring competitors and integrating them into your operations helps you enter new markets, leverage economies of scale, and increase your negotiating power when dealing with suppliers and vendors.

Adding new product lines boosts sales to existing customers, and brings in new ones. It also helps generate buzz and excitement about your business, which is essential in competitive, crowded marketplaces.

Technology Upgrades

You might want to party like it’s 1999, but you

can’t run a business that way. Technology is an

essential part of our lives, and businesses are

no exception. Businesses can maintain or gain

a competitive edge, whether it’s investing in

state-of-the-art dentistry tools or installing GPS

tracking devices for your fleet of delivery vans.


Cyclical. Seasonal. Business owners call it “ups

and downs.” It happens in nearly every industry,

but the down cycles can be particularly painful

for a small business. Bolstering your accounts to

prepare for these cycles, particularly if you can

predict them, can relieve an enormous amount

of pressure and preserve a great deal of sleep.

Bank Fees

Many small businesses have irregular cash

flow. As a result, they can experience periodic

overdrafts at the bank. If you’re tired of marking

down “bank fees” as a business expense, you

should consider an infusion of working capital

to help regulate your cash flow

Hire / Retain New Staff & Key People

Additional business funding enables you to pay for a comprehensive recruitment process, so that you can onboard talent that will move your business forward. In addition, more funding helps you ensure that your key people are appropriately compensated, which keeps them engaged and on the roster.

Advertising Campaign Launch

Although word-of-mouth marketing is a great way to bootstrap your business, it should not be your exclusive source for fresh, quality leads. Additional business funding helps you ensure that you aren’t the “best kept secret in your marketplace” by giving you the ability to launch marketing and advertising campaigns for your business.

It's Not Just About Expenses

While the above covers many of the ways your business can use funding to stay successful for years and decades to come, it just does not cover it all. The important key here, is funding is not only used for covering expenses. The right funding can help businesses exploit opportunities and make investments that generate significant revenue —and stand out above your competition!

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