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What Is A Personal Loan?

A personal loan is typically an unsecured consumer loan made to an individual borrower. The good news is that you don't have to have a perfect credit score to qualify for a personal loan. Personal loans do not normally require collateral and they are extended by both banks and non-bank lenders. The most common personal loan is an installment loan that is repaid over time with fixed monthly payments that cover both principal and interest.

Choose The Right Personal Loan?

There are many personal loans available from several lenders in the market. Here are a few things to consider as you consider the right loan for you :

The Monthly Payment: Find out what would be the monthly amount you need to pay and the term of your loan. This will help you determine the exact financial commitment you will be entering into.

Origination Fee & Prepayment Charges: Before deciding which loan to take, check whether there will be an origination fee charged by the lenders and if so what would be the percentage charged. Also, find out if there will be any prepayment penalty if you were to pay off the loan before the term ends. This way you can determine which lender provides the right loan without charging too many additional fees.

Loan Processing Time: As much as the interest percentage and monthly charges matter, the time taken to process the loan is also an important factor to consider. Our lending partners process and pay out loans in as little as 1 business day.

Credit History: While all lenders do a thorough check of your credit history before approving your personal loan, not all of them require a high credit score. Some lenders offer loans even to those with average or poor credit scores. Your credit score also often determines, in part, the interest rate that will be charged on your loan. So carefully consider your credit history before you choose which lender to borrow from.

Why Apply For a Personal Loan with Our Partners?

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