29 Reasons Why A Simple Google My Business Profile and Direct Message Marketing Are Best for Growing

Social media is on the front of every business owners mind for marketing, sales and branding. It does work, and is a marketing tactic that should not be ignored.

However, many businesses are caught up in the hype and frenzy of social media and are neglecting two of the most important marketing vehicles of their business:

Google My Business Profile &

Direct Message Marketing.

Sure, during the Super Bowl Honda gave its Facebook page instead of a Google My Business Profile. Yes, we hear many consultant stories of businesses using Facebook and Twitter to drive sales and boost communication for their company’s products or services.

However, for most growing businesses that have a limited budget, focusing on a well-designed Google My Business Profile and Direct Message Marketing are the essential elements they should focus on, before diving too deep into social media.


1. Search engines, which are still the most popular way by far to find information online, use Google and blog traffic to determine your ranking.

2. Email, for many, is still the most popular and easiest method of communication (hence the power of Direct Message Marketing).

3. Your well designed Google My Business Profile can serve as a foundation and “hub” for your social media and any other online marketing.

4. Google My Business Profiles provide the broadest and most flexible opportunity for serving the variety of needs to your customers (hosting video, offering free downloads, access to your calendar for appointment setting, a review platform, etc).

5. Direct Message Marketing enables you to see critical statistics and metrics about your audience and messaging (how many opens, replies, what was clicked on, etc).

6. Direct messages can be highly targeted to specific groups within your database and the individual message can be customized for each recipient.

7. Google My Business Profiles are owned by you and can be linked directly to any website you choose allowing them to piggy back on your google rankings.

8. Your Google My Business Profile can serve as a powerful and automated sales tool that works 24/7/365.

9. Your Google My Business Profile and Direct Message Marketing contains only your message and not extraneous advertising or content from dozens of others on each page.

10. Direct Message Marketing doesn’t allow Competitors to display their advertising around your messaging.

11. If third party social media networks go down, you're not

"out of business" while they are down.

12. Your customer's data has less of a chance of being hacked.

13. People often want to receive regularly delivered messages just to remind them to buy from you later on.

14. Google My Business Profiles are easier to rank and access.

15. Simply put when properly executed Google My Business Profiles are the best way to rank locally online.

16. Great subject lines in email messages are still a very powerful way for recipients to prioritize what emails they open.

17. Google My Business Profiles can be as simple or as complex as needed.

18. You can create multiple Google My Business Profiles for multiple locations.

19. Google My Business Profiles don't have a barrier of needing to enter a password and user name to visit them.

20. All of your audience can navigate a good Google My Business Profile—

Not everyone can effectively navigate Twitter and Facebook.

21. A great Google My Business Profile can be created with no need for programming "apps" or special developers.

22. Some companies block social media sites.

23. "Social is great", but building a direct relationship between you and a customer (without 267 of their friends) might be more important.

24. A well designed Google My Business Profile is like opening the door and sitting in a brand new car with leather seats.

25. An Direct Message Marketing message lives forever, social media posts move along a time line and require regular attention.

26. Your Google My Business Profile and great direct messaging campaign will never compete with you.

27. If your sales message requires lengthy copy, your Google My Business Profile can tastefully accommodate.

28. With Direct Message Marketing you can automatically engage a customer, depending on their response to a preceding email message.

29. Google My Business Profiles can change as little or as much as you like. Whenever you like.

My goal is for every client to reach a state of marketing balance. When their reputation and positioning are strong enough to maintain their business and paid ads are a tool for growth and new product promotion, I have succeeded.

— Joseph Crawford, Founder & President, J.W.Crawford Consulting

Here’s to your ever growing success

n Joseph

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